Employment Challenges: Key stats you need to know

Hiring the best candidate is not an easy task. A recruiter has to go through a lot of steps and processes before finalizing on one candidate. In today’s fast-paced world, where everything is done in just a matter of clicks, hiring the right candidates takes a considerable amount of time. Recruiters have a lot at stake every time they fill an open position because a bad hire can hurt a business in a number of ways. 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. With a high demand for talent and low supply, your organization can’t afford to make hiring mistakes. For this reason, it’s important that you recognize and correct any errors or bad habits that currently impede your hiring process. Download and read this info-graph for the employment challenges & key stats that you need to know.

Whether you are new to the workplace or a seasoned employee, problems occur at work. If you had to name one thing as your biggest hiring headache, what would it be? It’s true that your answers might vary depending on the size of the company you work with or the type of roles you’re hiring. But, most recruiters would gravitate to a few common recruiting challenges. It’s hard to do anything for the first time, but looking for your first full-time job might very well top the list of scariest, most confusing, and daunting endeavors you’ll have to face.

A volatile economy, advancing technologies and increasingly complex consumer behavior are all pushing organizations to rethink their business strategies and functions. In this phase of industrial transformation, HR has emerged as one of the most critical functions as hiring the right candidates has never been more crucial. This makes it important to know about employment challenges and & key stats you need to know about it. You’ll be applying to jobs that will undoubtedly affect the trajectory of your career, you’ll be interviewing with strangers in positions of power, and likely dealing with rejection on the path to signing an offer letter. So it makes sense that it’s a little nerve wracking. With those worries in mind, we talked with experts who offered their advice for overcoming the five biggest challenges of the entry-level job search world.

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