Essential Email Templates for Recruitment

Quality, consistent communication is the hallmark of a successful candidate experience — 81% of candidates say that continuous status updates from employers would significantly improve their experience. Love it or hate it, email is a mainstay in modern-day work communication. Using recruiting email templates makes it easy to keep in contact with candidates — especially those you’re interested in — during every stage of the recruitment process. Download and Read this E-book to find the most essential email templates for recruitment. 

When you’re reaching out to prospects for the first time, be clear and engaging in your approach. Nurture and provide incentives to your employees for their recommendations, and communicate with referred candidates diligently and frequently. Send an application follow-up email to a candidate to confirm receipt of their application and inform them of the next steps, whether they’ll happen internally or not. The interview invitation email is an important step in keeping the candidate excited about the opportunity. Letting candidates know they’re no longer being considered for your open role is respectful of their time and improves their candidate experience. When you’re ready to extend an offer to a top candidate, it has to be perfect. Make sure that nothing is missing by having a job offer email template at the ready. We have everything ready for you- all the essential email templates for recruitment- at one go!

Email templates help ensure you’re providing all the information candidates need to be successful and comfortable during the process. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of copy-paste-send when using a template. This makes your communication noticeably less personalized, harming your relationship with candidates early on in the recruitment process. To sustain the interest of your best candidates you need to communicate with sentiment, substance, and speed. From scheduling interviews to making offers, this E-book explains in detail recruiting email templates to keep candidates engaged and informed at every stage. 

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Suchismita Panda