Full Time Hours

What are Full-Time Hours?  

Full-time hours is a classification set by law to determine a reasonable standard for working hours and to specify the maximum hours that workers can work in a single week before being eligible for overtime compensation.  


How Do Employers Define Full-Time Hours?  

While these depend from country to country, most of the companies provide it in the 32- to 40-hour range. Employers have a great deal of latitude to define the minimum hours’ employees are expected to work to have their position classified as full-time (and to receive full-time benefits). The 40-hour workweek comes from a calculation of eight working hours per day over five business days each week.  


Which Benefits Are Generally Associated with Full-Time Hours?  

While the benefits might differ depending upon the company, full-time employment is frequently the determining factor in deciding whether employees are eligible for the following benefits:   

  • Vacation time  
  • Health insurance  
  • Dental insurance   
  • Retirement funding and company match  

The companies may decide to offer partial benefits to part-time employees. They may also require employees to work for a period of time before they become eligible for benefits. 

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