How to Conduct an Interview: Back to Basics

Interviewing your prospective candidates requires attention, care, and, caution. Learning how to conduct interviews might be difficult, but the rewards are worth the trouble if you find the best candidate for the job. How can you conduct an effective and successful interview? In this infographic, we give you the basic tips to conduct an interview.

Speak with the hiring manager to get the details required. This is to ensure that the questions that you will create will be aligned with the needs of the role that the company is hiring the candidate for. Prepare the same interview questions for every candidate interviewing for the role. And make sure they’re the right ones. Do not ask any vague questions that would confuse the candidate or those that would waste yours as well as their time. Make a schedule and ensure that the interviewers and interviewees are aware of it. Know the candidate well before interviewing them. Get a good understanding of who you are talking to. Take notes to reduce bias while hiring. Also, fill out your candidate scorecard immediately after the interview.

With these basic tips, you will be able to conduct an effective and great interview. Ensure that you give a good candidate experience. Don’t forget to send rejection letters to the applicants that are not selected. To know more on how to conduct exit interviews effectively, read the blog on How to conduct an effective exit interview. Download the infographic and go check AviaHire to see more content related to interview, interview questions, and how to prepare for them.

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Hanan Ashraf
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