Human Resource Vs Talent Management

There is a lot of debate revolving around the difference and similarities between Human Resource and Talent Management. Talent Management and Human Resources (HR) have a lot of similarities. In fact, when most people think of talent management, they automatically think of HR – both are concerned with managing employees. There are, however, a few key differences between the two. For an unturned eye, there might not be a lot of difference between talent management and human resource management. From an organization’s perspective, talent management is an opportunity to innovate in the people space to gain a competitive edge. Every firm’s product and services are only as good as their people, and its people are only as good as how well their talent and potential are managed. Download and read this infographic to find out the differences and similarities in the war between Human Resource Vs Talent Management.

To start, HR is a management practice centralized around the charge of attracting talent, onboarding new employees and then turning them into top performers for a company. While HR management has been around for years and years, talent management is a newer concept with a more holistic approach. Talent management shifts the focus from What can I get out of an employee? to How do I engage and retain an employee so that they continue to stay for the long-term? It focuses on involving those who are closest to employees (the line managers), and targets enterprise goals. Talent management is your organization’s strategy related to the attraction, recruitment, retention, and development of people. It includes your company’s practices pertaining to seven critical facets of HR such as recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation planning, etc.

When you understand the difference between talent management and human resource management, you’ll understand why organizations define titles within the organizations, establishes clear goals, and sets your teams after pursuing them. With this infographic, you get a quick view of Human Resource Vs Talent Management and get a deeper insight into both.

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