What is inclusion?  

Inclusion is the extent to which every person in an organization feels respected, welcomed, supported and valued as a teammate. It is the practice of providing everyone in the workplace equal access to opportunities and resources. It eradicates differences between different groups based on gender, race, and even those who are differently-abled. 

How to build an inclusive workplace?  

  • Educate the leaders of the organization 
  • Form an inclusion council 
  • Celebrate employee differences 
  • Listen to employees 
  • Hold more effective meetings 
  • Communicate goals and measure progress 

Benefits of having inclusion in the workplace 

  • Higher job satisfaction 
  • Lower turnover 
  • Higher productivity 
  • Higher employee morale 
  • Increased problem solving 
  • Increased creativity and motivation 
  • Increased organizational flexibility 
  • Decreased vulnerability to legal charges 
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