Job Analysis

What is Job Analysis?  

Job Analysis is the process of gathering information regarding a job to determine important functions of the job which includes the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job. This analysis also shows the importance of the job in relation to other positions.  

What are the benefits of doing a Job Analysis?  

  • Identifies candidates with the highest potential 
  • Obtains first-hand job-related data on the particular duties to be done 
  • Identification of risks associated with the job responsibilities 
  • Identification of the skills and abilities required for an employee to perform the job well 
  • Identification of required critical competencies 
  • Improved decision making during the recruitment process 
  • Better replacement decisions when employees leave the company 
  • More specific and accurate job descriptions 
  • More accurate job postings 
  • Promotion of improved performance appraisals
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