What are Millennials?  

Millennials are an age group which is also known as Generation Y. They are called so because they became adults around the time of the millennium. These individuals were born between 1981 and 1996. Characteristics of this generation include an openness to change, concerns over environmental issues, tolerance, and a bigger sense of entitlement. They are ready to question different social and cultural issues and are also technologically advanced.  

Millennials in the workplace 

Millennials, commonly, are considered job-hoppers who quit their jobs within a few years. However, many state that this is just an expression of their dissatisfaction with their work. According to a report by Gallup, they need more engagement in their workplaces. They not only care about work but they also want a purpose in the work they are doing. They demand opportunities to grow and receive mentorship from experts and leaders.  

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