Quintessential Soft Skills for all Employees

As technology evolves, it is changing the type of skills workers need to succeed in the workplace. The rapid adoption of technology is changing process-oriented jobs like equipment installation and maintenance. However, soft skills are the fundamental attributes that allow people to interact with each other effectively, such as communication, empathy, leadership, and teamwork. Unfortunately, the current soft skill capacity in our workforce is alarmingly low. Over 40% of corporations and almost 50% of academic institutions don’t think recent graduates have the soft skills they need to thrive in the modern working world. Download and read this infographic for the quintessential soft skills for all employees of your organization.

Employees and business leaders sometimes focus more on the highly technical skills they’d like to cultivate and overlook the soft skills every workplace needs to become thoroughly innovative. In actuality, the so-called “soft skills” are the harder skills to develop, maintain, and refine. Innovation stems from a steadfast commitment by the organization’s entire staff to create, embrace, and implement new ideas. These new ideas come from an understanding and valuing of the critical qualities that foster innovation: the soft skills. Download and read the ‘Quintessential Soft Skills for all Employees’.

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Suchismita Panda