Sneak Peek: Recruitment Industry Secrets

When you start out on your journey to looking for the right candidate, it’s important you hire someone that fits the mold of that company. There many things to take into account when recruiting the perfect candidate, and it’s no easy task at that! Are they the right culture fit? Do they share the same vision as that company? Are they going to stay for the short or long term? A lot goes into deciding such stuff- which comprises of the secrets of the recruitment industry. The devil is in the detail when comes to approaching potential employers and your chosen recruiter. We’ve put together the industry secrets that will help you to stand out from the crowd in a competitive labor market. Download and Read this infographic to get a sneak peek into recruitment industry secrets.

There are different skill sets to what you know and are good at. Somehow (in many businesses anyway) you are expected to know what to do. In many businesses, great operators are made into managers because they are great at what they have done. For some it’s wonderful, and for others, it’s a nightmare, and for all, it’s a steep learning curve. If you spend enough time with your team, lead by example and teach your new consultants the basics of recruitment well, you will help them understand how to run their desk themselves.

Recruiting is a competitive game. To be a successful recruiter, you have to stay one step ahead of other organizations (and so you absolutely need a sneak-peek into recruitment industry secrets). Like everything else, recruiting is changing in the 21st century. New technology and improved recruiting techniques can be an enormous help but only if you are committed to keeping up with them. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recommends creating a strong brand image that appeals to potential new hires. Automating the repetitive tasks involved in recruitment saves you time and speeds up the entire hiring process. ATS software helps you find and attract the best candidates before your competitors can get them. Applicant Tracking Systems also gives you the ability to easily keep track of every touchpoint you have with every candidate.

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