Social Media in the Workplace: How Can You Take Advantage of it?

Employees use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others in the workplace. According to the Pew Research Centre in 2014, 77 percent of staff reported using social media in the workplace. Though the topic of using social media in such a way is debatable, we cannot deny the advantages that can be reaped if social media is used in the right way.

With social media, employees can make and support their professional connections. LinkedIn is a well-known social media platform where one can make connections and gain opportunities through them. Social media can also help employees keep in contact with one another thus improving relations and enhancing teamwork. Employees can also find information that is relevant to the job. Employees can also spread information and details about the company. Employers can recognize and acknowledge their employees on social media platforms. This will improve the work culture of the company and reduce employee turnover. Studies have also shown that using social media in the workplace also leads to productivity.

A balance must be maintained when using social media in the workplace. Banning it completely is not the answer neither is giving complete freedom in using it. Download the infographic to know.

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Hanan Ashraf
A strong believer in the power that words have over people, Hanan works on producing content that is creative but at the same time graspable for readers. A content writer and digital marketing intern, she loves to write about automation, HR, performance management, and employee wellbeing.