Steps to choose the right ATS – Infographic

Employees are a huge asset to the company, so many companies don’t hesitate to invest in a good recruitment software. The right recruiting software should cover all your end to end recruitment needs from posting job openings on multiple job boards to having a seamless onboarding process. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the right tool to manage all these tasks and to have an organized and centralized platform for all your candidates’ information. Download and read this info-graphic to find out the 5 steps to choose the right ATS.

In order to start, note down your requirements. Get the whole HR team involved in this process. You can also send a survey to your HR team asking them what are their requirements from an ATS. Having a clear knowledge of requirements and expectations will help to analyze better and come up with a decision. The next step is to set a budget. During any Hiring process, a high amount of recruitment budget is often allocated to job postings and marketing. However, if you invest in right ATS you can reduce these costs, as well as automate certain hiring processes, saving efforts and time. Some of the common pricing models include pay per position, pay per recruiter/user, pay per module/feature and pay per month/annually.

Next you need to determine your ROI. Make sure that the money you are putting down in your ATS is worth it. For that, you first have to calculate the current cost of your hiring activities without an ATS. These costs could be time costs, labor needs and costs. By now you should have selected top 4–5 ATS by considering features and Pricing. Testing out these ATS will give you a hands-on-experience and insight into whether your team is comfortable with the software or not in the longer run. Finally, take a pitch and confirm your ATS.

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