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With the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe, more people are working from home in 2020. Companies are changing the way they conduct their day-to-day operations and are switching over to advanced technologies for people working remotely. In this situation, it becomes increasingly important to monitor and ensure the proper health of the employees- both physically and mentally. This is yet one of the most difficult challenges for a number of employers. Download and read this info-graphic to find out how to support employee health remotely.

A lot of individuals are working remotely for the first time, staying away from friends and family, in isolation. This daily life can cause stress, anxiety, and strain- physically, mentally, and emotionally- which might affect their productivity and affect their overall living. This makes it necessary to take care of the employee’s well-being and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. An employer should encourage all the employees to support each other and cooperate in the new remote community. Do not leave it all on the individual employees to forge connections or initiate activities.

Allow your employees to work and meet targets at their own pace. Ask them to set their own deadlines as per convenience and stick to those deadlines. With the increasing stigma of mental health these days, make your employees aware of the services that they can avail in case they need help. Provide them with online anonymous talk spaces, where they can speak freely about their issues and seek professional help. Having one-on-one conversations with your employees can prove to be extremely fruitful since employers usually don’t get time in the office to interact on such a scale with everyone.

Remote employees shouldn’t just communicate with their teammates with work-related questions. Encourage them to connect socially, as well. Want to read more on how to support employee health remotely? Read our blog on How to support employee mental health remotely.

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