The Anatomy of a Good Job Description

Job seekers often compete with hundreds of others for single opportunities, and many submit cookie-cutter applications in order to save time, applying for as many jobs as possible. On the other hand, employers seem to know there is always a large number of job seekers, so many put in little effort to write attractive job descriptions as they know people will apply anyway. Anybody who’s searched for a job online knows how noisy and competitive it can be. Are your job postings attracting the right type of applicants to your company? If not, now is the time to transform your job postings in a way that really grabs the best candidates’ attention. Download this infographic to understand the anatomy of a good job description.

For years, almost all job postings looked pretty much the same :  a job title and a list of the most important skills and experience required for the position. Today, however, these standard job postings are not enough to attract top talent. Candidates have access to literally thousands of vacancies, so your posting needs to stand out. The goal of any job posting is to make sure that top candidates take an interest. In a sense, the job of a recruiter is quite similar to that of a marketer. Just like your organization’s ads are designed to entice consumers to buy your product, your job posting should pique the interests of candidates to apply.

The hiring process has multiple stages, and with revenue-driving opportunities being ignored in lieu, it’s often the last thing employers want to be spending time on. When it comes time to put together a description for the role, recruiters will often not want to think about it too much and move onto other things. What you get are job descriptions that are generic, uninspiring, and lazy. Unfortunately, in the world of hiring, opposites don’t attract, and it’s common for employers not spending enough time on this stage to get out exactly what they put in. So make sure to use the best job description that can help you improve the quality of candidates, the volume of candidates, and the hiring processes.

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Suchismita Panda