The Do’s and Dont’s for Communicating with Candidates

Communicating with candidates is at the heart of the recruitment process. According to a 2018 Glassdoor Survey, the #1 aspect of the job application process the job seekers find most important is clear and regular communication, as listed by 58% of respondents. Read this E-book to find out more about the do’s and dont’s of communicating with candidates. 

Good Communication is the bridge between Confusion and Clarity

– Nat Turner

Clear, respectful and frequent candidate communication can help companies attract the best candidates to open roles, showcase the company culture before candidates, keep the recruitment pipeline seeded with deserving candidates and collect feedback on processes for future improvement. In the E-book, you will find the various aspects that need to be communicated with your candidates and the Do’s and Dont’s for those aspects that you need to keep in mind for great candidate communication.

Various aspects need to be kept in mind with respect to elements while communicating with the candidates such as job descriptions, inclusive languages, employee stories, company culture, employee referrals, etc. Job descriptions that are performance based focus on what the person is hired for the role will do on the job rather than skills and requirements. A job description that just includes a list of skills and experiences required plays no role in setting the job apart. “Almost 72% of the hiring managers say that they provide clear job descriptions. However, only 36% of the candidates say that they are provided with clear job descriptions”. If you’re trying to make your organization more inclusive and gender-based, then adjust job descriptions and incorporate words like adaptable, cooperate, etc. 

Communication is an integral part of any business. Communicating effectively requires a lot of efforts. The effort you spend on clear, respectful, and informative communication with candidates sets the stage for a positive experience with new hires. Not only that, it will extend your reputation with rejected candidates as well as facilitate future hiring efforts with silver-medal candidates.

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Suchismita Panda