The Recruiting Trends in 2021

From flexible working to the importance of digital skills, to employer branding and diversity in the workplace, 2020 has accelerated trends that may have taken years to shape. Today, Recruiting looks totally different than it looked a year ago. Virtually recruiting remote workers is the new norm for many. Internal mobility and upskilling programs are being built out, many for the first time. Diversity is finally being treated with the urgency and accountability it always deserved. It is now important to find out what the recruiting trends will be for 2021. Download and read this infographic for the recruiting trends in 2021.

The last year has been particularly difficult for everyone, worldwide. It is astonishing to find out what a great difference a year can make in all processes and businesses. Last year during this time, the employment rate was at an all-time high and the market had been highly candidate driven. However, all because of a global pandemic, the situation in the market has completely flipped since then. Read this blog to find out the top 10 recruiting trends this year.

As per LinkedIn’s Ultimate List of Employer Branding Stats, almost 75% of candidates take a look at a company’s employer brand and reputation before they decide to apply for a particular position. The use of various tools in the Human Resource Departments as well as the entire organization, especially in the recruitment processes has increased by leaps and bounds. Remote Working became the new norm in 2020 to a large extent, and it is going to continue in a similar way this year. 2021 is bound to witness an increasing focus on talent pools as one of the top 10 trends of recruiting this year. Larger businesses will increasingly invest in training and development internally, hiring less but making smarter recruitment decisions and building on that talent more. Read on for more such information on the recruiting trends in 2021.

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