Top 6 Types of Recruiters in the Workplace

A recruiter finds qualified candidates for job openings in the company. He/she works to meet the demands of both the employer and the employee throughout the hiring process. Recruiters also help people find jobs. They also help candidates sharpen their resumes, prepare for interviews, and manage salary negotiations. In this infographic, we give you the top 6 types of recruiters in the workplace.

Corporate recruiters find new employees for the company they work for i.e. usually large companies with large hiring needs. They, for instance, have titles such as HR Manager or Hiring Manager. In-house recruiters focus on the onboarding of new employees instead of using an external agency. Contingency recruiters get paid when the required candidates get hired. A Retained Agency is similar to contingency recruiting with the only difference that the client company pays a retainer i.e. a fixed upfront amount fee to that company to perform a search. Headhunters use multiple sources to find candidates to fit the job opening. These professionals often use several Internet job boards, professional associations, referrals, and their networking. An Outplacement Agency provides job-seeking assistance to downsized/displaced employees. Often the employer will hire an outplacement company to help their recently downsized workforce find jobs as goodwill.

Download the infographic to know about the different types of recruiters in the workplace. Also go check our website for more infographics, blogs, and e-books on recruiting, recruitment, Applicant Tracking System, and more. To know more about different types of recruiters, read the blog on The Top 7 Types of Recruiters in the Industry.

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