Top Myths About Applicant Tracking System

The Applicant Tracking System(ATS), is said to cover most of the recruitment process right from receiving candidate applications from various job boards to closing up the job post upon successful onboarding of the required candidates. Despite having so many advantages, the ATS is not used by many Human Resource Professionals. There are some myths in the minds of hiring managers regarding the applicant tracking systems which need to be cleared. In this infographic, we break down the myths regarding the Applicant Tracking Systems. 

Every ATS is different from one another, be it in functionalities, features, or aspects. ATS is much more than mere databases. Managing your talent pipeline is a high priority when you are looking for suitable candidates. A solid ATS helps you draw out passive candidates and run a more efficient hiring process across the dashboard. Do not confuse ATS to Job Boards, the latter is made only for posting open positions in the companies, whereas an ATS deals with the entire process of recruitment, from job posting to candidate selection. The common misconception is that an ATS, is only meant for large firms, but almost any business could benefit from using one.

Go through our infographic to know more about these myths. Do check our blog on the Top Myths About Applicant Tracking System.

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Hanan Ashraf
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