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Gross Amounts

What Are Gross Amounts?  Gross amounts refer to the total amount of something, generally business or individual income, before any taxes, deductions, or costs, in the case of a business. 

Full Time Hours

What are Full-Time Hours?   Full-time hours is a classification set by law to determine a reasonable standard for working hours and to specify the maximum hours that workers can work in a single week before being eligible for overtime compensation. … Read More

Floating Holiday

What is a Floating Holiday?   A floating holiday is a paid day off from work, given as a substitute for a public holiday and typically taken on a day was chosen by the employee. It is called a floating holiday … Read More

Flexible workplace

What is a Flexible Workplace?   A flexible workplace prioritizes adaptive and responsive strategies to address changing expectations and circumstances within the company.  These strategies help to increase productivity and satisfaction and happiness of employees, thus meeting the needs of both … Read More