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Fringe Benefits

What Are Fringe Benefits?   Fringe benefits are benefits that supplement an employee’s normal salary. While the name might suggest that fringe benefits are uncommon or unique, they are commonly called employee benefits.   What are Fringe Benefits examples?   Some of the … Read More

Floating Holiday

What is a Floating Holiday?   A floating holiday is a paid day off from work, given as a substitute for a public holiday and typically taken on a day was chosen by the employee. It is called a floating holiday … Read More

Flexible workplace

What is a Flexible Workplace?   A flexible workplace prioritizes adaptive and responsive strategies to address changing expectations and circumstances within the company.  These strategies help to increase productivity and satisfaction and happiness of employees, thus meeting the needs of both … Read More

Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

According to a 2016 survey of 615 HR professionals conducted by Kronos Inc. and Future Workplace, employee burnout had reached record levels. There are many contributors to this problem and it has a huge impact on workplace retention, work productivity, … Read More

Social media in the workplace

Social Media in the Workplace: How Can You Take Advantage of it?

Employees use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others in the workplace. According to the Pew Research Centre in 2014, 77 percent of staff reported using social media in the workplace. Though the topic of using social media … Read More

Flat VS Hierarchical Organizational Structure

Flat VS Hierarchical Organizational Structure

A company’s structure has an impact on everything within it. This includes the communication between the employees to how the company operates. Companies are in a dilemma of what organizational structure best suits their company. Is it the flat structure … Read More

Transparency in the workplace

Transparency in the Workplace

Many companies now proudly declare transparency as a core value of theirs. Many are, however, still skeptical about it. So why should you make transparency an important value in your company? In this infographic, we provide you 5 reasons why … Read More