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How AviaHire can help you?

Drive positive ROI through effective recruiting.

Saves time and increase the productivity of the recruiters through automation capabilities

Quickly hire high-quality candidates through smart resume scoring capabilities

Reduce drop-off rates through WhatsApp communication capabilities at various trigger points

Manage your entire talent pool in one place

Why Choose AviaHire?

Social Hiring

Enables posting job opening on public job boards (LinkedIn, Glassdoor,, ZipRecruiter, etc.)

Smart Resume Scoring

Efficiently evaluates, segregates, and selects top-scoring resumes automatically using advance algorithms.

Applicant Tracking and Interviewing

Effortlessly track the candidates across all the stages of the interview process.

Communication Automation

Automated email and Whatsapp communication saves a lot of time for recruiters and enhances the experience with the customer.

Customizable email templates

Provides customizable email templates to kickstart communication with candidates quickly.

Comprehensive reporting

Track all the KPIs using automated reporting and intuitive dashboarding capabilities